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Experience That Makes a Difference

When your parental rights and financial security are at stake, the attorney you choose is important. You need a strong and passionate advocate who will work diligently to seek the most favorable outcome possible on your behalf.

I am Sharon Merrick, and I am such an attorney. Since 1998, I have been helping men and women in the Plano and Garland areas protect their rights during and after the difficult process of divorce. I also represent clients in stepparent adoptions, child custody and visitation matters, paternity proceedings and other critical family law matters.

Vigorous Representation

As a dedicated family law attorney, I fight for my clients' parental and financial rights. To do so effectively, I practice exclusively in family law and keep abreast of legal issues critical to the protection of my clients' rights.

I am an aggressive litigator. I have earned a reputation as an attorney who is willing to fight for my clients. I am also very conscientious of the impact that protracted legal disputes can have on parents and their children. Accordingly, I have had success resolving many of my clients' cases through negotiation or mediation.

To best serve my clients, I take time to know the judges in my area. I think it is critical for attorneys to know how judges analyze issues and view matters pertaining to property division and child custody. I also take time to understand mediators. Different mediators have different styles and different ways of viewing critical matters. I know which mediators I want to use based on the type of case I am handling and the issues that are present.

Committed To The Local Community

I am an advocate for mothers and fathers. I work with domestic violence shelters throughout north Texas and have helped many women who have been the victim of domestic violence. I also hold a strong belief that fathers have a right to maintain a strong and active relationship with their children after a divorce.

To educate the public on critical issues affecting families, I often speak on such issues to community groups, including churches, schools and domestic violence shelters. I believe that strong and compassionate attorneys can make a positive difference in the lives of their clients and their communities.

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If you need to speak with a lawyer about a divorce or other family law matter, contact my law office in Richardson, Texas. To schedule a free consultation, call 972-591-2323 or contact me by e-mail.