Child Custody

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How Is Child Custody Determined In Texas?

The questions of where a child should live, and with whom, are some of the most difficult questions that face families in times of crisis. There is no longer an assumption that children will live with their mother. Each parent is considered equally. If the parties cannot agree, a social study is often used. In a social study, a professional speaks to all the parties and makes an evaluation that is given to all of the parties and the judge.

In some cases, the mother and father may be not be able to provide adequate care for their children due to drug or alcohol dependency, anger management problems or other impediments to the care of their children. In these cases, grandparents, trusted relatives, and other individuals trusted to care for the welfare of children, sometimes called kincare-givers, are needed to care for children. The paramount concern of the courts is the well-being and bests interests of the children.

Divorce, Post-Divorce and Paternity: Child Custody

At my office, I represent people in custody disputes in divorce, post-divorce, and paternity cases. Often I am retained to represent a mother, father, or grandparent in a change of custody case, also called child custody modification, because the custodial parent has become unfit, or due to the changing needs of the children.

As a lawyer, it is my goal to protect the safety and well-being of children, and I always advise clients to consider their children's needs first in any custody dispute.

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