Grandparent And Third-Party Custody Cases

If a Texas family law attorney has told you that you have no right to pursue custody of your grandchildren, I encourage you to contact the Law Offices of Sharon Merrick for a second opinion during a free consultation. I provide experienced legal representation on behalf of grandparents and other third parties who are seeking custody rights in the Richardson-Plano-Garland area.

While courts give considerable deference to the wishes of parents, there are cases in which grandparents may effectively assert their rights. As a compassionate and tenacious grandparent custody rights attorney, I have successfully helped many grandparents obtain custody of a minor child. I also help grandparents with adoption.

Third-Party Custody Attorney Serving Extended Families

Sometimes, third parties (other than a biological parent or adoptive parent) are asked to take care of a minor child for a period of time because a parent is unfit, has abandoned his or her child, or is otherwise absent. A third party may include a grandparent, uncle, aunt or even a concerned friend.

Even in cases in which the child has stayed with a third party for a considerable period of time, legal action must be taken to create a legally recognized relationship that confers basic custodial rights to the third party.

Some of my clients come to me because a legally recognized relationship is required at the time a child enrolls in school. In other cases, a biological parent may now be requesting the return of his or her child and a custody dispute has ensued.

Free Attorney Consultation

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