An Attorney Can Help You Understand Alimony

I am Sharon Merrick, a Texas attorney practicing exclusively in family law, including every aspect of divorce. I represent clients in the Richardson-Plano-Garland area. As a seasoned divorce attorney, I understand this process can have a substantial impact on your finances and why you may want to consider seeking alimony, also known as spousal support or spousal maintenance.

In each matter I handle, I take time to listen to my clients, understand your legal needs and put in plan a legal strategy designed to pursue your objectives. I can help you understand your options for seeking alimony and help you pursue this option. I offer a free divorce consultation to answer your questions and discuss your concerns concerning spousal maintenance.

What Is Temporary Spousal Maintenance?

In Texas, there are no guidelines for temporary spousal support or maintenance, but I can help you apply for or block a petition for temporary alimony when needed. For instance, if you are unemployed or earning significantly less than the other party, I can help you show a need for temporary support that will help get you back on your feet by showing the other party has the resources to meet those needs.

Do Texas Courts Order Permanent Alimony?

Under current Texas alimony laws, in most situations, alimony or spousal support will be limited to last no longer than three years. Also, the amount ordered by the court or agreed to by the parties generally cannot exceed 20 percent of the gross income of the paying spouse. If the marriage lasted more than 10 years and the spouse requesting spousal support has a disability or other reason he or she cannot support him or herself, the court can award permanent or indefinite alimony.

An Experienced Lawyer Looking Out For Your Financial Needs

You can be confident that at my law office you will receive the experienced legal representation and quality client service you deserve. I work closely with my clients to provide a high level of personal service. I take time to listen to my clients, answer their questions, help them understand the divorce process and keep them informed about the status of their case.

Even after your divorce decree has been issued, if there is a substantial change in circumstances, I can help you petition or block a modification petition that would affect the amount of spousal support being received or paid.

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