Community Property Division

Every person who goes through divorce has immediate and long-term concerns when it comes to finances and asset distribution. In these cases, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney, one who can help you sort through all the issues involved in your case and help you reach an equitable settlement.

I am Sharon Merrick, a divorce attorney in the Richardson-Plano-Garland area. At my law office, I work with my clients to find community property settlements that work best for them.

What Is Community Property?

Community property includes all assets accumulated during your marriage, with some exceptions such as gifts and inheritances. Generally, if you acquired the assets during the marriage, they are community property and must be divided in an equitable manner upon divorce.

Separate property (assets you owned before your marriage as well as gifts and inheritances received during your marriage) is typically yours to keep, though there may be issues. As these matters can become complicated, and it can be difficult to determine which label applies to certain property, it is important to discuss them with an experienced attorney.

How Is Community Property Divided?

People often have different property division goals. Some want to preserve their retirement savings, while others want to keep the family home. Others want to be debt free, while others are willing to take on debts such as mortgage and car payments. As your lawyer, I will help you reach a division of community property that meets your goals after divorce.

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