Domestic Violence

Are you staying in a relationship because you are afraid? Are you afraid because you have been told that you will lose your children if you leave? Or never get any support? Or you will have no property or money? Or afraid you will be stalked, intimidated or physically abused?

No one has to live this way. There are laws to protect you, your children, and your right to be physically safe and financially protected. If you need help, contact me, lawyer Sharon Merrick, or call me in the Richardson-Plano-Garland area at 972-591-2323 to schedule a free confidential and informative consultation.

Is Domestic Abuse Or Spousal Abuse Part Of Your Relationship? Assert Your Legal Rights to Protection.

I represent women in abusive relationships. I know the pain and fear associated with an abusive relationship; I know that leaving is not easy. I can help. I have close relationships with the police, district attorneys and local battered women's centers. Every day, I help women navigate the system and begin a new life. I am not afraid or intimidated by the other side. I work closely with my clients throughout the process, as long as it takes. It is my goal to help you and your children get the resources needed to be safe and free.

I see the process as a therapeutic process. I will provide you with access support referrals to help you if you want help. I know psychologists and credit counselors who work with women who have been the victims of abuse. You can get out of an abusive relationship, and I want to help. You can have a new and different life.

Think You Might Need A Restraining Order? Schedule A Free Consultation.

Take the first step to letting go of your fear. If you need to get out of a relationship that involves domestic violence, call my office and let me put the power of the law on your side. Call 972-591-2323. If you need a protective order to prevent family violence, or if you need any other type of legal assistance, you can contact me online.