Diligent Richardson Protective Order Attorney

No person should have to live in fear. If you are the victim of violence, threats of violence or any other form of domestic abuse, there are people who can help.

I am one of those people. My name is Sharon Merrick and I am a family law attorney practicing in the Richardson-Plano-Garland area. I work with domestic violence shelters throughout north Texas and have earned a reputation as an aggressive and passionate advocate for people who have been the victims of domestic violence. Contact my law office today if you need help from an experienced Richardson restraining order lawyer. I offer a free consultation.

Do You Need Help Obtaining A Protection Order?

As an experienced family law attorney, I have helped many people who are going through the process of divorce who have been the victim of domestic violence. I have also helped people who are not married, but who live in a home in which they are abused.

As your attorney, I can seek a protective order on your behalf. A protective order may:

  • Bar an abuser from a shared residence
  • Prohibit an abuser from making further contact in person, by phone, by e-mail or by other means of communication
  • Establish possession and visitation of a child
  • Order an abuser to pay child support
  • Order an abuser to attend mandatory counseling

You do not have to live like this any longer. Let me put my experience to work for you.

Free Consultation With A Skilled Texas Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you need to speak with a Richardson protective order lawyer, I offer a free consultation. For assistance, call 972-591-2323 or contact me by e-mail.