Child Support Modifications

Because child support in Texas is based on net income, it is possible to seek a modification in the amount of support paid if that income level changes. At the Law Offices of Sharon Merrick, I represent clients in the Richardson-Plano area who seek both increases and reductions in child support.

Child Support Can Change if Your Finances Change

If you need to reduce the amount of child support you pay due to job loss or a drop in income, it's important to obtain a court-ordered modification. Asking your spouse for a reduction is a start, but it is not enough to effectively modify the order. If you fail to meet your child support obligations, the Texas Attorney General can institute a collection action under the child support order.

The meter will continue to run until you obtain a court order to reduce child support. You will also be charged interest on past due amounts.

When Can I Seek a Child Support Modification?

In Texas, either the payor or the receiver of child support can seek a modification of child support if the payor's net income has changed.

Here are some examples of situations where the court may modify the amount of the child support payments:

You lose your job.Child support payments can be reduced.
You get a lower paying job.Child support payments can be reduced.
You get a higher paying job.Child support payments can be increased.
There is a change in child custody.Child support payments can be changed.
Your child develops special medical needs.Child support payments can be increased.

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