Not knowing how to deal with the father of your child can be very frightening, but there is help. I found help with the Law Offices of Sharon Merrick. She protected my rights as a single mother, as well as what was in the best interest for my son. My baby had special needs and Sharon and her staff was always available to help with any issues that arose. I would not be able to have the peace of mind I do today without Sharon's hard work and knowledge of the law in my case. I have the right to make all medical and treatment decisions for my child which was very important to me. If you ever find yourself searching for a lawyer in regards to a paternity case or case with a child with special needs, Sharon Merrick is the one to hire.

Sharon was referred to me by a legal advocate who described her as tough and determined. My experience found her to be a great deal more than that. My ex-husband had me in court for years before I found Sharon. She went above and beyond for me and my family and she did so in great strength and capacity. She did what could not be done. I now have peace of mind and so do my children. I will never use or recommend anyone else but Sharon Merrick.

I highly recommend Sharon Merrick as she is very knowledgeable and competent in family law cases. She represented me with the utmost professionalism and integrity and fought for my grandchild as long as it took. My court case resulted in my husband and I gaining custody of our granddaughter. I definitely recommend Sharon Merrick as she always fights tirelessly on behalf of all her clients. If ever needed in the future, I will not hesitate to trust and use Sharon Merrick again. She is a pillar of strength when you need it!

I have two girls on the spectrum. Ms. Merrick helped me with my divorce and when the children's father stopped visiting and helping with the children, we went back to court and increased his child support to cover respite care and treatment for the girls that they desperately needed. She understood the needs of my children and fought to have them met. She is a continual source of support for us.

As a father, I was told that custody of my son was going to be almost impossible for me to attain. Sharon took the time to understand my situation and the life of my child. She was able to achieve what others told me could not happen and my son is safe and happy living with me. I highly recommend her. She does not give up.

The biological father of my son had not been in his life for many years. We wanted my current husband, who had raised him, to be his legal father. I was very afraid that starting an adoption could bring a bad situation back into my life, but I already worried about his reappearance constantly. Ms. Merrick understood. I put it off for several years until Sharon Merrick and her staff gave me the courage to do what was right for my child. I now have the real family I always wanted for my child without a dark cloud of worry over our heads. Please do not be afraid. Sharon and her office can help.

My child's father was not paying child support and the Attorney General set a hearing to enforce my child support order. Sharon Merrick accompanied me to the hearing. She was invaluable in arguing my point of view to the Assistant Attorney General and directly to the judge. While I did not have to have a lawyer, my child support was paid more quickly and in a greater amount than the Attorney General's office would have agreed to Sharon made it clear that my child's father would have to comply and we would not give up and let the bureaucracy deal with it. Her fee was very reasonable and I felt represented aggressively. It was well worth it.

* Every case is different. I look forward to examining the facts of your case to pursue your goals. Attorney Sharon Merrick