Texas Child Support Guidelines

In Texas, the parent who does not have primary residential custody of the children will pay child support based on his or her net income. Determining the amount of support is fairly straightforward as long as you know the net income of the payor. However, if the payor is self-employed, owns a business, or is paid bonuses or commissions, determining net income can be complicated.

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How Much Child Support Is Fair?

The amount of child support is based on the net income of the payor. It begins at 20 percent of net income for one child and increases 5 percent for every child, up to a maximum of 50 percent.

Number of children you supportAmount of child support
120 percent of net income
225 percent of net income
330 percent of net income
435 percent of net income
540 percent of net income
645 percent of net income
7 or more50 percent of net income

It is important to note that the court can deviate from these guidelines in special circumstances.

How Is Net Income Determined?

To calculate the net income, I typically ask the payor to produce his or her last paycheck or W-2 form. However, a paycheck or W-2 may not present a complete or accurate picture of a person's income.

For example, a business owner may have control over how much income appears on a paycheck or W-2 form, so the child support calculation may be too low. If the payor received a significant bonus or commission payment in the previous pay period, the child support calculation may be too high.

As your lawyer, I will work to ensure that net income reflects a true picture of your former spouse's ability to pay child support and I am well equipped to handle all types of complex child support issues that are specific to your situation. I can also represent you if you are subject to Attorney General hearings, investigations or orders.

I can also help you with any child support modifications you need help pursuing or blocking.

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