Texas Attorney General Child Support Cases

The state of Texas is committed to ensuring that children receive the necessary support they require from their parents. To achieve this goal, the Child Support Division in the Office of the Attorney General provides assistance to parents to establish paternity of children, establish court-ordered child support, and enforce child support orders.

Parents who must go to an Attorney General Court for a legal hearing are not required to have an attorney, but often wish to retain an attorney to ensure the protection of their legal rights. If you live in the Richardson-Plano-Garland area or the surrounding communities and require legal representation for a matter in an Attorney General Court, contact the Law Offices of Sharon Merrick.

Experienced Richardson Attorney For Child Support Services Representation

I am a Texas family law attorney for Attorney General child support cases who has extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of issues. If you are appearing at an Attorney General Court, I can provide the following help:

  • I can help you establish a child support order through the Attorney General Court.
  • I can negotiate on your behalf a child support agreement that protects your rights.
  • I can help you enforce a child support order if your spouse has not been paying support.
  • I can help if your case involves a hearing to determine if support should be increased or decreased.

The Texas child support guidelines provide a clear formula for determining the amount of a child support award, but making a proper calculation can sometimes be very complex. Since I practice exclusively in family law, I have ample experience in child support cases and have the ability to provide the sound advice and vigorous representation you require.

Free Attorney Consultation

If you need to speak with a Richardson child support lawyer about a hearing at an Attorney General Court, contact my law office to schedule a free consultation. For assistance, call 972-591-2323 or contact me by email.