Grandparents' Rights To Visitation

Children need their grandparents. Grandparents who play a significant role in the lives of their grandchildren deserve to spend time with them when parents divorce or absent parents come back into their lives.

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Texas Law: Grandparents' Rights Concerning Visitation

Courts in Texas are concerned primarily with the best interests of children. If your grandchild has lived with you for a considerable time and it is in your grandchild's best interest to maintain a relationship with you, you have rights. I can help you fight for visitation with your grandchildren.

I offer a free initial consultation in which I will listen to the facts of your situation, answer your questions and explain your rights. I will give you an honest assessment of your chances for success whether your visitation pursuit is part of a divorce action or for another reason. If your case has merit and I feel you have your grandchildren's best interests in mind, I will aggressively pursue your interests through negotiation and, if necessary, trial.

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